Accordians, guitars, mandolins, tambourines, carracas, castanets and traditional percussion instruments of the region - scetavaiasse, triccaballacchi, trà trà, crò crò and putipù. A myriad of vibrant colours and ornate costumes, a flurry of dancers, musicians and singers. An intoxicating mixture of entertainment and culture and a music which lifts the spirits, transmitting a highly contagious form of happiness- allegria. These are the essential ingredients of the spectacular renditions of the traditional folk music group Scialapopolo. Shows rooted in the traditions of Capri and played to audiences across the globe . Performed with dedication by the families bearing the nickname'Scialapopolo' since 1925, the year in which the group was formed.
The activities of the group are supervised by the charismatic Costanzo, entrusted with the direction of the group, and Aldo Spataro, skilful manager and administrator, also responsible for public relations. The Scialapopolo group's enthralling show can last up to 3 hours, involving from 18 to 40 dancers, musicians and singers. As well as interpretations of the most well known songs from the classical Neapolitan repertoire, a host of Italian and international songs are performed before the show draws to a close with a series of spectacular tarantella. Audience participation in the dances and the opportunity to play the traditional musical instruments are integral parts of the Scialapopolo experience.

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