The history of the band

The traditional folk music group Scialapopolo was founded in Capri in 1925 by Costanzo Spataro. The group became well known as a result of its performances during the New Year celebrations, when the band delivered musical seasons greetings to all of the most important villas on the island, before proceeding to the Piazzetta of Capri where a prosperous New Year was wished to everyone, Capresi and visitors alike.
The years that followed saw the group grow and grow. The musicians and singers were almost all members of the Scialapopolo family which, sons, daughters, and grandchildren included, numbered close to 25 members. With the death of Costanzo, nicknamed' Scialapopolo' the direction passed to his children and then to his grandson and namesake, Costanzo - the current band leader. To this day each and every member of the family contributes to the success of the group, performing throughout Italy and in numerous countries worldwide.
Ass. Scialapopolo Gruppo Folkloristico
Via Dalmazio Birago, 11/A - 80073 Capri
Mobile +39 333 4229779