Feast of the Patron Saint: Capri welcomes the Bishop with the music of Scialapopolo

Mariano Della Corte – Capri.

A warm welcome yesterday in the square for the Bishop of the Diocese of Sorrento-Castellammare Monsignor Franco Alfano, who was visiting the blue island on the occasion of the feast of San Costanzo, patron saint of the island. The island community warmly welcomed the first official visit of Bishop Alfano, who recently took office in the diocese of the peninsula, which also includes the island of Capri, who accompanied by the parish priest Don Carmine del Gaudio, and by the civil authorities of the island. was welcomed in Piazza Umberto I by the notes of Neapolitan music and the tarantella of the folklore group Scialapopolo, protagonist of the musical out of program, appreciated by Monsignor Alfano, who wanted to emphasize his gratitude and the importance of being present on the island in the anniversary of Patron Saint “I thank the whole community – said Monsignor Alfano – who lives in this unique place in the world that welcomes me on this feast day. This day allows us to speak true words of hope, words that are such if they are not linked to the deadlines but if they become concrete facts. We must run together with a single goal, that of building a better future for everyone “. And in the afternoon, the traditional procession of San Costanzo, protector of Capri, was held with the silver bust of the Saint of Constantinople, who lived in the seventh century, which is paraded through the streets of the island, along the usual path of tradition, to then be carried by the arm of the devotees, with a long procession with the religious and civil authorities, the police and numerous faithful, towards Marina Grande, where the parish dedicated to the saint is located. A cult deeply felt in Capri, and by the local community, which has its roots in the history of the island with the tradition that tells of the Saint Costanzo, who during the return journey to his Constantinople, in the seventh century, was blocked by a storm in Capri, where he lived until his death.

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